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Professional Pilots of Tomorrow is a pilot mentoring organization aimed to aid aspiring pilots connect and network with industry leaders. 

Pilot Applicant Questions

Pilot Applicant Questions

Below is a list of questions our Outreach Department has created to help you ask the questions that will impact your quality of life during your airline interview. We encourage you to discuss these with your mentor prior to the interview to ensure you are aware of what you are asking and what it means to you. If you have any additional questions, please email us at



First, ask yourself the following questions before choosing an airline.

1)     Does my family support this decision? To be successful at this job your wife/husband, boyfriend/girlfriend, parents and siblings have to understand that you will miss important events. Ensure they support your decision to pursue your career.

2)     Where do I want to live? Choosing the airline with a base near a location you want to live changes the job entirely. It allows you to sit at home during reserve periods and pick up OT on your days off. This means a bigger pay check and more time with family and friends. If you are going to commute to work, choose an airline with the best service to/from the airport closest to your house.



Next, ask the interviewer the following questions before saying yes to an offer.


1)     What is the wait time to start INDOC?

2)     What is the training timeline for my class?

3)     Are hotels provided for training?

4)     What is the compensation packags?

5)     What is the bidding process/system for line holders and reserve? (This is very important to ask. Bidding/Proffering is what pilots do to “ask” the company if they are senior enough to hold a certain line (route) AND make changes to that line. Airlines all have different and complicated systems that determine who flies what/where/when.

6)     What are the minimum days off?

7)     How large is your pilot group?


1)     Can you explain your reserve rules?

2)     What are your current projections for reserve time and is that time getting longer with each class?

3)     Are hotels provided when commuting to reserve?

4)     Can I bid for reserve at a different base?

Commuting/Non-rev/Jumpseat/Dead Head (DH)

1)     What is your commuter policy?

2)     What happens if I am unable to commute to start my trip/sequence?

3)     Hotels for commuters?

4)     Reserve at the airport vs reserve at home? Short call vs long call?

5)     What is the call out time for reserve flying?

6)     What, if any, is the compensation for DH?

7)     Does the airline sponsor Known Crewmember (KCM)? Global Entry?

8)     What are the jumpseat rules? Is it based on senority, check in time, show time? Do we have priority?

9)     Can I non-rev with my family/friends on mainline or just the regional carrier?

10)  Travel benefits?


Career progression

1)     Does the airline have a flow that is supported by a contract?

2)     Current flow timeline?

3)     (If not a wholly owned airline) When are your flying contracts up for negotiation with your mainline partners?

4)     Current CA upgrade minimums?

5)     How long until I upgrade to CA?

6)     Is the airline growing and adding new aircraft?

7)     What is your current attrition rate and where are those pilots going?

8)     Where are your training centers located?

9)     What other opportunities exist for FOs and CAs?


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