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233 Withers Street
Brooklyn, NY, 11211
United States

Professional Pilots of Tomorrow is a pilot mentoring organization aimed to aid aspiring pilots connect and network with industry leaders. 

Who We Are


Vision Statement

To create an environment where up-and-coming pilots are well prepared to make the critical early career and life style choices unique to the aviation industry.


Mission Statement

To provide confidential, insightful, and unbiased mentoring to pilots by more experienced and seasoned professional pilots from airlines throughout the aviation industry.


Who We Are

Becoming an airline pilot for a major airline takes years of work experience. Chances are pilots use one of two routes to build their work experience and flight time: military service or regional airlines. In the present day, most pilots entering the regional airline industry use it as a stepping stone. Pilots may spend many years at their airline before getting a call to interview at a major airline.

Professional Pilots of Tomorrow is a means for up-and-coming pilots to network with established, more experienced pilots. Our industry is small and the more we connect, the more we foster a sense of community which allows us the opportunity to help those following in our footsteps. By facilitating a means for people to speak with current regional airlines pilots and become apart of a growing network where the exchange of free information passes freely, we aspire to improve the lives of young professionals.

Our mentor program is designed to be as transparent and unbiased as possible. This fosters a relationship and dialogue that is honest and ensures the applicant is best suited to make the crucial decisions ahead of them.


How does this service work?

How does this service work?

Pilot 1 has a direct mentor at a certain airline. Most of the questions Pilot 1 has will be answered by his/her mentor (Airline A mentor in this case). If Pilot 1 has questions about another airline, or quality of life aspects that the first mentor cannot answer (say the mentor lives at base and Pilot 1 has questions about commuting), then the mentor will redirect those specific questions to another mentor within the organization who would be able to answer those questions. Thus, we aim to create a network of pilot professionals who can provide our mentees with unbiased information. 








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