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About PPOT

The process of becoming a professional pilot takes years of training, determination and discipline. Whether a pilot's objective is a career at an airline, cargo, charter, or corporate operator, the path can be challenging to navigate, especially alone.

Professional Pilots of Tomorrow is a mentorship organization founded on the principle of providing free, unbiased guidance to aspiring aviation professionals, as well as providing the resources needed to succeed in the industry. Our organization is a support system for up-and-coming pilots to network with established, experienced professionals across a broad and diverse network.


With PPOT, members grow their network and establish themselves within a vibrant aviation community, allowing them to become better equipped to make informed career path decisions. Our mentorship program is designed to be as transparent and unbiased as possible, fostering a relationship and dialogue that is honest and ensures members are well suited to make the crucial decisions that lie ahead.

Helping future pilots make educated career path decisions.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To provide confidential, insightful, and unbiased mentorship and support to pilots, provided by more experienced professional pilots  throughout the aviation industry.


Our Vision

To create an environment where up-and-coming pilots are well supported and prepared to make the critical early career choices unique to the aviation industry.

We Need Your Support Today!

PPOT relies on its ever-growing network of mentors and volunteers. The basis of the organization is the one-on-one relationship between the mentor and mentee. Through this partnership, the PPOT member (mentee) receives career guidance and information in a free, confidential, and unbiased manner. A variety of other resources are available to PPOT members in addition to direct mentorship, such as help finding and pursuing a first professional flying job, wholistic information on regional airlines, and guides for various steps of an aviation career.

PPOT is able to provide such a wealth of information to pilots by leveraging its large mentor network. Our mentor group consists of over 500 professional pilots who have each taken a unique path to achieve their goals. As such, they are able to share their advice, successes, mistakes, and experiences with PPOT members to help guide them best. Although the one-on-one relationship is the foundation of PPOT, but the entire mentor group is available as a resource to each and every pilot. If a pilot’s primary mentor cannot answer a certain question, they will be sure to get an accurate answer from somebody who has direct experience with the issue. Furthermore, if a pilot would benefit from working directly with a different mentor than they were originally assigned, PPOT can facilitate to have a member transferred to the mentor that will be able to provide the best mentorship and information for each specific situation.

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