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Our Team

PPOT is run entirely by volunteers who graciously give their time, resources, and skills to ensure the success of the organization. Their contributions have touched the lives of thousands of pilots over the past decade, and we thank them sincerely for their volunteerism. Please take a moment to meet our Leadership Team.

Executive Leadership

Departmental Leadership

Pilot Applicants

Yann Bosch - Director

Drew Gorton - Assoc. Director (Interested Pilots)

Norco Uchal - Assoc. Director (Interested Mentors)

Mentorship Support Team

Nick Coyle - Director
Ryan Beck - Assoc. Director


James Militello - Director

David Correa - Assoc. Director

Nick DiLilo - Assoc. Director

IT & Web Development

Riley Shannon - Director



Allen El Darazi - Director

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Olga Latronico - Director

Digital Media

Nick Burt - Director

Kelley Ryan - Assoc. Director

Pilot Development


Fundraising & Events


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