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Terms and Conditions

General Terms

Professional Pilots of Tomorrow (herein “PPOT”, or “organization”) is a volunteer non-profit pilot mentorship organization. PPOT is independent from any other aviation organization and company. Mentees, mentors, volunteers, and leaders involved in PPOT do not represent their employer while working within the organization. All members of the organization are volunteers and are not compensated in any way for their time and/or efforts. Statements and actions made by individuals affiliated with the organization may not reflect the official position of the organization unless so indicated. PPOT does not claim ownership or responsibility for actions or statements made by individual parties unless made thru official PPOT outlets. All information and content distributed under the PPOT brand is provided to our members for informational purposes, and PPOT shall not be responsible for individual decisions or outcomes based on this information/content. PPOT encourages all individuals to make their own educated decisions regarding their career and otherwise.

Mentorship Terms

Mentorship within Professional Pilots of Tomorrow (herein “PPOT”, or “organization”) is a volunteer service provided free of charge to PPOT members. PPOT mentors are trained to provide unbiased and confidential mentorship to the organization’s mentees. PPOT, however, shall not be held liable for each individual’s choices, actions, and/or the results and outcomes thereof. Members and individuals should make their own educated career decisions, no matter what role PPOT or its mentor plays in the process. By becoming a mentee within PPOT and engaging in mentorship activities, all individuals agree to these terms.

Social and Digital Media Policy

As part of our mission to provide insight and support to aspiring aviators, Professional Pilots of Tomorrow (herein “PPOT”, or “organization”) is pleased to have social and digital media platforms on which our members and general audience can connect, provide insight/perspective, and share valuable information with each other. In the process of utilizing any of PPOT's social media platforms, pages, or outlets, members and individuals should do so with respect for one another. PPOT is a community of professionals, and as such ask that our members behave in a manner that shows the same consideration they would want bestowed upon themselves. PPOT encourages individuals to share their opinions and perspectives, as we believe this fosters a strong dialogue and environment where people can learn and develop. However, please be sure to consider how your comments might make others feel, and whether it contributes constructively to our mission and vision of supporting one another. If content is deemed (by sole discretion of PPOT leadership) to infringe on the above considerations, PPOT leaders will address the matter in order to ensure a positive experience for all our members.

Comments, statements, and any other content made by individuals does not directly represent PPOT. Only statements and content published thru official PPOT social and digital media channels represent the official opinion of the organization. PPOT shall not be held liable for statements or content published by individuals.

Pilot Support Network Disclaimer

By utilizing the Pilot Support Network, individuals agree to the following. Professional Pilots of Tomorrow (herein PPOT) is not responsible for the actions of individuals taken as a result of utilizing the Pilot Support Network (herein PSN). PPOT Volunteers, including those serving as part of the PSN, are not certified mental health professionals, counselors, advisors, or any other type of registered professional. As such, any interactions thru the PSN are not to be taken as professional advisement, and PPOT and its volunteers assume no responsibility for outcomes as a result of the use of any information communicated thru the PSN. All interactions in the PSN and the details thereof are confidential, and will not be communicated to any other party by PPOT or the individual utilizing the PSN.

Communication Policy

As a condition of membership within PPOT, individuals (herein "members") consent to receive regular communication from Professional Pilots of Tomorrow (herein "PPOT") thru various channels, primarily email. Most of the communications distributed by the organization contain crucial information that pertains to membership in PPOT. Communications may have opt-out options, but members understand that they may be added to various communication lists so long as they remain a member of PPOT. The organization pledges that communications will not be overly frequent, and will average no more than two distributions per week. Should a member no longer wish to receive any communications from PPOT, they must forfeit membership in the organization. Members are kindly requested to avoid marking PPOT distributions as spam, and instead utilize the proper membership termination process should they wish to end membership in the organization.

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