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To remain completely unbiased and objective in the services we provide, PPOT relies heavily on independent donations from our members and small organizations to support our operations. Although the PPOT Leadership Team generously contributes their time and resources, their support alone is not enough. We greatly value the contributions we receive, and 100% of every dollar and donation goes directly towards supporting our core operations, improving our organization, and expanding the resources we provide to our members.

More information regarding stewardship of donations and supporting PPOT can be found below.

Our Mission

Donating to PPOT

We are pleased to offer the ability to accept donations of any amount, on both a one-time and automatically recurring basis. Even small donations go a long way, as PPOT prides itself on our extreme fiscal responsibility. A donation equal to the price of an airport coffee can cover the annual critical infrastructure costs for 5 mentorship pairings.


All donations are documented and you will receive a receipt that can be utilized for tax purposes. All contributions made on our website are voluntary and because no goods or services are provided in return, the full amount donated is tax deductible.


We hope you are as excited as we are for what lies ahead. We would not be where we are today without your involvement and commitment to our cause. As always, thank you for your continued support.

More information regarding PPOT’s 501(c)3 status and non-profit filings is available on request at


To start the quick and easy process of making a donation, click the Donate button below!


Corporate Sponsorships

The mission of Professional Pilots of Tomorrow is to support the aviation industry through mentorship and guidance provided by over 500 volunteer mentors. We believe in inspiring the next generation of pilots, and our free and objective organization allows the knowledge gained by years of experience to be shared among the 1000+ pilot mentees.

The service we provide and membership in our organization is free, and all of our mentors and leaders work solely on a volunteer basis. By becoming a Corporate Sponsor, you are helping to support and inspire the next generation of pilots. Corporate Sponsors help provide the much needed resources that enable the work of our volunteers, and further our organization’s ability to provide guidance and exceptional resources to aspiring professional aviators. PPOT recognizes our Corporate Sponsors in many ways, and our 1500+ pilot members are sure to notice sponsors’ generosity.

We have the flexibility and resources to design a sponsorship program that will benefit nearly any organization. We believe in creating mutually beneficial partnerships that leave a lasting positive effect throughout the industry.


To join us, or obtain more information, please email us at

Support the next generation of professional pilots.

Stewardship of Donations

Every donation made to PPOT has the following impact:

40% - Core Infrastructure and Operations

Providing core infrastructure that directly supports our mentorship system and pilot resources (non-profit expenses, technology, web and communication platforms, project management, etc.)

20% - Scholarships

Building our scholarship funds that provide thousands of dollars of financial

support to deserving applicants every year (both current year funding and multi-year endowment initiatives)

20% - Development and Expansion Programs

Investing in projects and programs that enhance the services we provide to our members and further our positive impact in the community, including DEI based initiatives (collegiate programs, industry relations, resource development)

15% - Marketing and Growth

Producing programs, products, and materials that expand PPOT's reach and allow us to offer our services and resources to more members of the community (marketing tools, CRM, donation platforms, advertising)

5% - Donation Fees
If not graciously covered by the donor during the donation process, service fees incurred by donation, banking, and other platforms

The PPOT Board of Directors may re-allocate funds when absolutely necessary due to a deficit/surplus in a particular area.

Large/special donations may be earmarked for particular causes and are not subject to the above listed allocations.

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