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Volunteer with PPOT

PPOT is 100% volunteer run, 100% of the time. We employ no staff, and because membership and mentorship is completely free, we operate on a limited budget. Because of this, the organization and the hundreds of pilots it serves rely on motivated volunteers to keep the wheels turning.

Volunteering with PPOT is an extremely rewarding experience, and in addition to having a positive impact on the careers of countless future Professional Pilots, working with PPOT can lead to boundless opportunities for your own career.

Through PPOT, volunteers have shared their skills and experience, created lifelong friendships, traveled the world, discovered job opportunities, and so much more.

Why volunteer with PPOT?

  • GIVE BACK - none of us could have accomplished what we have in our careers without those who were there to support us along the way. This is the chance for you to do the same, and join us in supporting the careers of hundreds of professional pilots in the making.

  • GET AHEAD - serving on the PPOT team is an awesome opportunity to set yourself apart from the competition by demonstrating your commitment to bettering our industry and making a positive impact.

  • GET INVOLVED - working with PPOT often leads to meaningful connections and lifelong friendships. While supporting our community you’re sure to develop relationships that can lead to professional and personal advancement.

The list of positions we are seeking volunteers for is below. To apply, please send a brief statement of interest to, and we’ll go from there! Be sure to include the position(s) you’re interested in, and mention any specific skills or experience you bring. We can also provide additional information regarding a specific position if needed.

The opportunities listed below are for those wishing to become involved in PPOT beyond volunteering as a Pilot Mentor.
To apply to serve as a Mentor, please visit the Apply Now page.

Volunteer Opportunities

Industry Reilations


  • Description: Responsible for the large scale vision and planning of PPOT’s external presence and industry partnerships. Works with Department Directors to provide guidance, mentorship, and support. Oversees the development of the organization’s marketing, fundraising, events, and public relations.

  • Best for: A strong and dedicated volunteer who enjoys leading on a high level, managing teams, and making valuable connections in the industry through this position. Great for someone looking to make a huge difference in PPOT and work with industry leaders.



  • Description: Works to develop, grow, and maintain PPOT’s Collegiate Programs and other Outreach Initiatives. Visits colleges for major PPOT events several times throughout the year.

  • Best for: A volunteer with strong connections to their own and/or various aviation collegiate programs. Enjoys working with collegiate aviation students and occasionally visiting their own and other campuses. Great for a relatively recent college graduate or someone who is still actively involved on their campus.

Social/Digital Media


  • Description: Manages PPOT’s Social Media platforms and develops content on a regular basis for each. Leads a team of several content creators while also creating content themself. Creates social posts and campaigns for other departments in support of their projects and initiatives.

  • Best for: Anybody who enjoys social media, staying up to date on industry news, and can design basic social media content. Great for anybody from a student pilot to an experienced aviation professional.

Pilot Development


  • Description: Designs and maintains PPOT’s various Pilot Development Programs, such as the Low-Time Networking Program and the Regional Airline Comparison Chart. Connects with Industry Partners to involve them in Pilot Development Programs, and maintains their connection with PPOT.

  • Best for: A volunteer who enjoys initiating and managing their own projects, and creating initiatives to support PPOT’s members. Pilots who are approaching, or at, a regional, legacy, or large corporate operator may have better perspective for this position, but this is definitely not required.

Fundraising and Events


  • Description: Designs and implements fundraising programs and networking events for PPOT. Collaborates with the Outreach, Social Media, and DEI teams to plan and execute these initiatives. Attends major events as necessary or arranges for PPOT representation.

  • Best for: Someone who enjoys planning events, creating fundraising programs,  and generally generating support for PPOT. Enjoys working on a team and collaborating with others to accomplish these goals.

Pilot Development

Team Member or Director

The Pilot Development Department is responsible for leading PPOT's Pilot Development Program and associated resources. The Director manages many of PPOT's Member Resources, including the Regional Airline Chart and Low-Time Networking Program, and creates and develops new initiatives to benefit members of the organization.

To apply, please send a brief statement of interest to

Pilot Applicant Team

Team Member

The Pilot Applicant Team is responsible for onboarding all new mentors and mentees to the organization. We are currently recruiting volunteers for the Interested Mentor side of the team. In this role, you will reach out to active pilots who are interested in joining the team as mentors. You will conduct phone calls to interview and train new mentors as well as tell them about PPOT and answer any questions they may have about the organization before they are paired with their first mentee. 
To apply, please click here to complete a brief video interview.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion


Organization Liaisons will assist in managing our relationships with demographic non-profit organizations and educate our members on their community. If you are a member and involved in any organizations you think PPOT can partner with, please apply!

To apply, please send a brief statement of interest to

Social Media

Content Creator

The volunteer will be responsible for creating and managing content on the organization's social media channels, engaging with followers, and collaborating with other team members to develop and implement social media campaigns. This role requires strong communication skills, creativity, and a passion for aviation and social media.

To apply, please send a brief statement of interest to

IT & Web Development


This position supports the Director of IT & Web Development in designing, creating, and managing PPOT's digital assets. We are particularly seeking individuals with experience in any of the following: web design, coding, web and/or mobile app development, database management, etc. If you have experience in other areas or feel that you could benefit the team in any way, please apply!

To apply, please send a brief statement of interest to

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