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Industry Discounts and Partnerships

As a benefit of membership within PPOT, we are pleased to offer a number of discounts and partnerships with other aviation organizations that we believe provide benefit to our community. Industry partners share PPOT's beliefs and values of supporting the next generation of professional pilots, and are vetted by our leadership team prior to establishing a relationship. Current discounts/partnerships are listed below, in addition to special offerings occasionally communicated to the PPOT community.

PPOT Membership is required to utilize all partnerships and discounts.

Details on how to utilize discounts are listed on the PPOT Pilot Portal, linked below.

Current Discounts and Partnerships


Purdue University Global - Tuition Discount

Purdue University Global offers a tuition discount (20% undergraduate / 14% graduate) to all members and their immediate family, off any degree or certificate program.  All courses are 100% online and there are more than 175 programs to choose from including a BS in Professional Flight and BS in Aviation Management.    


This partnership is particularly exciting for members who are professional pilots as it can save upwards of $37,000.  For example, members might be seeking to start or finish a Bachelor's in Professional Flight.  Purdue provides airline Captains with 80 transfer credits, First Officers with 70 transfer credits and CFIs with 45 transfer credits. This reduces the time to graduate by 1 or 2 years in addition to receiving a 20% tuition discount off all remaining credits to graduate.  


Coradine Aviation - Electronic Logbook Discount

Coradine has partnered with Professional Pilots of Tomorrow to provide a free 6 month trial of LogTen to all PPOT members who are new to Coradine's professional pilot logbook service. Following the 6 month free trial, PPOT pilots new to LogTen will be given a special "Enterprise" discount to receive between 12% and 23% off LogTen subscriptions.



Spitfire Elite Consulting - Consulting Services Discount

Spitfire Consulting is pleased to offer a 10% discount to PPOT members on interview preparation and application review services. The discount is applicable to all packages and services except for the "All In" package. This benefit is available untilthe end of 2023.


Please visit the PPOT Pilot Portal to view discount details!
The PPOT Pilot Portal is currently undergoing maintenance. Please email to request discount redemption information, and we will verify membership manually.

If your organization is interested in offering a discount or partnership to PPOT members, please reach out to us at!

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